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Interactive light installation exhibited in Miami, US, during Miami Art Week, in Dec 2022.

FLUX consists of two parts: Interaction mode and Performance mode. Viewers can fiddle with it through their gestures and voice. Performance, in its figurative parts, is based on footage sourced from the audience. It’s a follow-up to my previous works (Enter 2021, Cellular Automata 2022, Enter 2022), focused on interaction and precise music synchronization, in low-fi, glitchy aesthetics.

The score for the Performance: Reid Willis
Tech manager: Jakub Kirklewski
Agency: Mesh
Event organiser: Teslart



FLUX is made with 5km of LED strips. We glued them together (manually!) to achieve two-sided strips, arranged in a 240x300px circular screen, 15x15m on the ground and 5m at the top. We used a high speed infrared camera and made sure the whole piece runs at stable 100fps – thanks to custom drivers designed by Jakub Kirklewski and set by Marek Pepke it really gives an analog feeling.