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“Hanging D” by Joep Beving
– Max Cooper Remix

A videoclip for Max Cooper remix of “Hanging D” by Joep Beving, inspired by the idea of “data excavation”. Programmed entirely in Processing in 4K, 60fps.

More about the inspirations


“Hanging D” puts me in a deeply nostalgic mood. The dense ticking calls to mind the passing time while the strong piano chords point to the different stages of life. The track reminds me of my phone’s gallery filled with tons of memories growing every day. It’s a completely new situation in history, since our great-grandfathers left us with just a few blurry photographs. The data we generate will remain as a substantial historical archive for future generations. It will grant posterity the chance to travel in time, browsing fast backwards through our lives. Inspired by the track, I focused on this idea of “data excavation” and attempted to visualize the feeling of this process.

I create my videos mostly through coding. This time I wanted to build the scenes with the rows of timelines, consisting of simple shapes (“pixels”) occurring as life events, constantly passing the screen to the left. I used my own pictures and movies that I felt were important to me (like “Talking Heads” by Krzysztof Kieślowski, 1980). The retro stylistic also fitted here for me, so I created the color palettes out of old computer games. The algorithmic transitions between the scenes refer to the progress of image/video processing techniques such as dithering, interlacing, caching, buffering, compression or noise reduction. In my work I’m interested in low resolution effects and exploring the limits of legibility.