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Repetition –  Sven Helbig

A videoclip for Sven Helbig’s “Repetition”, inspired by the process of machine learning. Programmed entirely in Processing in 4K.



The video for “Repetition” is a step in understanding the bigger concept behind the whole album titled “Skills” introduced by German composer Sven Helbig. Sven says that repetition as a process is a crucial part of the path of mastering a skill.

In my animation, I try to visualize it with the evolution of a line, which develops in time – with inevitable failures – to become a drawing of a rose. The beautiful, complex result of repeated simple actions is a reward for a patient study.

The search for an optimal drawing also refers to the process of machine learning, a modern programming tool that analyzes data to find out how to solve a task or even foresee some future events. The technical lines combined with a sketch of a rose express my feelings about Sven’s classical track with a touch of electronic vibe.