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Sai Ga - KJZAA#

Sai Ga is a duo formed by Przemysław „Sainer” Blejzyk and Rafał „Galus” Gałaszewski. The album „Moving Images” includes 10 tracks and is full of bonuses – starting with premium prints of amazing landscape studies, created by pixodelic in a form of small-size pixelated graphics, ending with beautifully published packaging.

The video and the promotional website www.sai-ga.pl were my part of the project.

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The graphic theme and the title of the album pushed me to have a close look at the pixels. I decided to give these pixels a new life, different than with usually sharp and square form.

First, in Processing, I programmed a super tiny 120x60px visual composer, which generated random-moving color sets out of any given picture – so all the compositions would fit pixodelic artworks, with their colors and proportions. The other glitchy effects were coded to react on sound volume to add more dynamics.

The final pixelated video was next recorded with a smartphone camera on a maximum zoom. It resulted with lo-fi effect, sometimes getting out of focus. Hitting the table on the most heavy sound points also helped with shaky effect, making the pixels move on the screen.