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An interactive light installation celebrating the 75th anniversary of Lotus and the opening of its new European flagship store, exhibited at Lotus Paris during Paris Fashion Week, 09/2023.

The piece explores the key features of the Eletre, the first all-electric Hyper-SUV by Lotus – its speed, aerodynamics, and digital innovation. The installation’s pixelated, lo-fi and glitchy design has been inspired from the racing game Lotus Turbo Challenge © (released in the 90s and developed by Magnetic Fields in collaboration with the iconic British carmaker) and retro-futuristic movies. Created entirely through code, it operates at 100FPS, delivering an analog ambiance through addressable LED strips. This piece offers a unique artistic perspective on the legacy of the brand, bridging the past and future through visual storytelling.

light installation, including a 3-minute show and an interactive mode, consisting of 1 200 meters of LED strips arranged on an aluminium construction; 36 000 pixels running at 100 frames per second, high-speed infrared camera, 4-speaker sound system, custom software and hardware

Concept/code: Ksawery Kirklewski
Sound design: Arkadiusz Krupiński
Tech management: Jakub Kirklewski
Constructor: Blanka Byrwa

Article: “Ksawery Kirklewski drives LOTUS into the future” by HighSnobiety

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