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Light installation for Ars Independent festival in Katowice, PL. Exhibited in September 2022.

At the Katowice train station, in the niche after a former timetable, I placed an animated drawing made out of programmable LEDs. I used a steel mesh for its ground, and for the drawing’s grid.

Katowice Station is the most agglomerated and dense railway junction in the country, with its extensive metropolitan network. In the installation, pixels marching on the tracks refer to trains running on those tangled up routes, and also to common lo-fi displays informing about schedules.

Because the tracks are curved, the texts lose and recover their readability along the way. The program then shifts the tracks slightly, and with new alignments, it exposes stations’ names in different parts of the drawing.

The animation is coded in generative approach, which means that the base factors – responsible for the dynamics and for the content – constantly change, every time resulting in a different composition.

Electric and electronic management of the project: Jakub Kirklewski