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ENTER 2021

Interactive light installation. It has the size of a door and comprises thirty-two 5-meter long LED strips – sound-reactive and connected to a high-framerate camera source.

With “ENTER”, I adopted the metaphor of a digital portal to illustrate the process of copying identity from analog reality to the digital one – in lo-fi quality – for now. read full note

Exhibited in Kolonia Artystów (Gdańsk, PL) in 24.08–11.09.2021

Tech support: Jakub Kirklewski
Sound: Arek Krupiński

As the digital world tempts us to keep sharing an ever-growing amount of information about ourselves online, we build an increasingly detailed mosaic reflecting our "real lives". We confirm this action each time by pressing the "ENTER" button on our keyboard. Each of us maintains many profiles across the different platforms we use. With every "ENTER" we pump more data about ourselves into the Internet. It’s as if we’re transferring ourselves from the real to the digital with the latter clearly playing an increasingly dominant role in our lives.

This online mirror of ourselves – that we keep on perfecting – so far remains just a loose compilation of data gathered in the cloud. At this point, our digital doppelgängers are only a distorted reflection of ourselves in low resolution. However, if we continue uploading more personal data in the future, will it become possible to create an ideal backup of our minds, with its own agency independent from the original? What’s a copy versus an original and the other way round?